As your Virtual Assistant…

I pro­vide you and your busi­ness with lov­ing atten­tion to detail and care­ful han­dling of the admin­is­tra­tive tasks at hand.

I use my talents, gifts, and skills to handle the administrative work that takes you away from using your talents, gifts, and skills to the best of your ability. You are able to focus on your part of working your business while I focus on mine, and together we take things where they could never go had we worked alone.

Are you…

… leading a purpose-driven life but struggle to maintain focus on your purpose because of the administrative responsibilities that come with it?

… struggling to find personal time or time to try new things because of the added administrative responsibilities as your business grows?

Do you…

… find yourself missing out on the joy of your business because there is just too much you *must* do to get everything done?

If you are an entrepreneur whose business is focused on helping others achieve their life’s purpose and strive to constantly and consistently meet the needs of the people you encounter, you are demonstrating your own life purpose in your work.  Doing this requires your heart, soul, and focus… and your attention is more valuably placed on it rather than whether or not the auto-responders work on your website and you have time to create the outreach materials for the conference you are speaking at next month.

How would you…

… feel to know that you can focus the blessings of your time, tal­ent, and ener­gies into the areas that serve others and know that the admin­is­tra­tive needs were being han­dled for you?

… like to have some­one next to you, part­ner­ing with you, to accom­plish the goals you have set for your­self and the work you are being led to do?

When you feel like you are ready to take the next step for you and your business, take a peek at my process for getting started HERE.

Amy Kazor CPVA