I was up very late last night on the phone with family, and then I got up this morning at 4 AM to watch the Royal Wedding.  I was really amazed at how much more relaxed and fun things seemed to be while keeping with the pomp and circumstance of the whole royal deal. As someone who has been to (and … [Read more...]


I've deleted my post four times.  I will not share what I had written.  There are people dealing with far bigger issues than me. I've adjusted this detox.  I will be eating Greek yogurt and eggs.  I am going to try to kick processed grains.  Last detox removed dairy and eggs but I could eat … [Read more...]


I was NOT well this morning upon waking.  Whenever I detox I wonder why I go back to eating the crap when it hurts this bad to give it up.  Oh well. I took a nice bath and dove right in.  It was better than yesterday, so I know I am on my way out.  It just may take a while to get out.  Going to bed … [Read more...]


Did I soothe my family with food so I could eat too? This is a good question I am trying to answer today.  The cake on Friday night was all because I wanted it, not because my friends did.  I even rationalize my holidays thinking no one wants to eat how I eat so I have to cook for them not me.  I … [Read more...]


"Monday", 'cause calling it "Day One" seems to be a bit foolish after having a "Day One" last year and derailing. :) I have not been exact on my eating plan but I am trying and allowing myself some room to grow into it. Technically, I try to eat every 4 hours so that I keep myself fueled properly.  … [Read more...]