Home Office

I've invested in my infrastructure lately and that takes a lot of time and money.  My dream home office is becoming a reality.   I have a great set up.  I also have to say I love where I work more than any place I have worked before. I am fortunate to have a double glass door out to our deck and … [Read more...]

How are your people skills?

How do you present yourself in professional situations? If you work in an office, you have opportunities each day to interact with people in a work/social setting (after work).  Those of us who work in a home office encounter different situations, but much of the same rules apply.  Here's … [Read more...]


Did you know that each week hackers create 57,000 fake websites? That's not including the content that is manufactured to flood our inboxes with spam.  During a three-month study conducted by an anti-malware developer called PandaLabs, researchers found that, on a daily basis, cybercriminals churn … [Read more...]