Grace Under Fire

Soft Skills

I have a sign on the wall in my office that says I hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection, and I try to apply that as I lead and mentor. I believe that grace is a decision. If we are conscious about it, and intentional, it becomes a skill. A soft skill, yes, but a skill. The grace I am … [Read more...]

Why I Choose AssistU for Training and Community

Training Community

AssistU is a choice I make each day. It is not only the training program that helped me build a solid foundation under my business, it truly is the community that keeps me thriving day-to-day. In 2002, after a twelve-year stint co-owning a retail family business, I transitioned into the corporate … [Read more...]

Preparing for my Business Planning Retreat

Business Planning

Building Reserves is the topic of my September business retreat with my business coach Anastacia Brice . I am working with her to build reserves of time into my business (and my life) and determine where I can make changes to create more space in my schedule. Originally I had planned to do all … [Read more...]

Stretching My Wings with a Virtual Event: Business Growth

Annual Planning

Business growth is something we all want, but it can be scary and unsettling, and cause us to freeze rather than fly. Following a favorite quote of mine, "But what if I fall? Oh, my dear, what if you fly?" I am stepping forward in faith. It is time. I'm talking about it. I have it ready. And, … [Read more...]