A Personal Inventory: My Annual Planning Process

Amy Kazor Refinement Planning

As a part of my Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience,  I have a pre-planning day. It's scheduled for November, but because I am sharing my planning space with people in my Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience  this year, I have been reviewing things and sharing them here a little … [Read more...]

Choosing A Year Verse for 2015: My Annual Planning Process

As a part of my Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience, I select a verse or verses for each year. I have a life verse: Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. But I also prayerfully choose a verse of focus for the coming year. It has been life-changing for … [Read more...]

My Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience: A Peek Inside

Faith-Filled Annual Planning Binder

My Annual Planning has become sort of a ritual in a way, taking a few days to separate from the daily grind and diving deep into contemplation, prayer, and review. Where am I? Am I on the right path? My planning binder is a huge part of the process. It holds the history of the path I have been … [Read more...]

AssistU Community Recognition Awards

Three years ago I was contemplating leaving my VA practice and going back to work in the corporate world. Being raised to never talk about myself in a too positive a light made marketing tough. Really tough. How do you get through a call with anyone explaining how awesome a partner you can be when … [Read more...]

I Got Deep-Rooted With AssistU!

Soft Skills

I seem to be talking more and more about soft skills and community. Two weeks ago I shared why I choose AssistU (yes, that is active: choose). Choosing a strong, like-minded community and then participating within it are soft skills I am proud to have. Building my support system helps me thrive. I … [Read more...]