My Archetype: The Beloved (Branding)


Sally Hogshead, of has a system to help you learn the two advantages you have that help you create your personality branding. "Plenty of personality assessments tell you how you see the world. Only one reveals how the world sees you. What’s the BEST of how the world sees you What … [Read more...]

February 10th is National Clean Out Your Computer Day

National Clean Out Your Computer Day

You may not have "National Clean Out Your Computer Day" on your calendar, but you might want to consider adding it. Failure to clean things out once and a while can slow you down. And, as a Virtual Assistant (or entrepreneur) who wants a slow computer??? Cleaning things up and reviewing things also … [Read more...]

Standing Up as a Leader and Partner

My Interns, My Partners

Leading internships with AssistU Virtual Assistants is a pure joy for me. It's work, don’t get me wrong… I generally spend twice the time it would take me to do the work myself when I am teaching them things. But, really, that isn't the hard part. Learning to change hats is the hard part. See, … [Read more...]