In-laws, Aging, and Examining Desires


“We are on a starvation diet of restricting ourselves, so we don’t feel joy. If we want to live joy-filled lives we must be in touch with our desires. This is why I wanted to get you to begin to think beyond your means." Nancy Levin shared this with our Willing to be Worthy coaching group. She went … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning Day with a Client

Strategic Planning

Planning and strategizing with clients is something I not only excel at, I thoroughly enjoy it as well! Last Friday I was in Chicago for an intensive strategic planning day with a client. I will be sharing more about this particular client in the coming months as she has a new book coming … [Read more...]

Client Spotlight: Personal Development with Leslie Zann

Personal Development

This week I would like to spotlight one of my clients, Leslie Zann of Leslie Zann Consulting. If you have a direct sales business you may be familiar with her. If you aren’t… you should be. She will rock your world for good! "Leslie helps organizations strategically align their sales, management … [Read more...]

My Annual Business Plan Review

Business Plan

As a part of managing and running my business, I annually review my business plan. It’s not my favorite thing to do, so I allow myself the nice big month of March to do it and spread it out over 31 days. Last month I reviewed my standards. Many had not changed, like my business vision, hours, … [Read more...]

My Annual Business Standards Review

As a part of managing and running my business, I annually review my business standards and standard operation procedures, or SOP. Standards, as defined by business are “written definition, limit, or rule approved and monitored for compliance by an authoritative agency or profession … [Read more...]