AccoladesIn January, I agreed to assist with AssistU’s Annual Homecoming celebration in Reston, VA next month. I am thrilled to be helping with it!!

Homecoming is something I have looked forward to since joining the AssistU Community as a VA in 2011. Each year in September, we get together to learn and grow, build relationships and love on one another, and celebrate the Community Recognition Awards, or CRAs.

The event usually travels from coast to coast: 2011, San Diego, CA; 2012, Minneapolis, MN; in Baltimore, MD for 2013 and 2014, then in Dearborn, MI (the event I helped host) in 2015. This year we will be experiencing Reston, VA, and will even take a jaunt down to Washington DC!

One of the things I love most about Homecoming is catching up with the people I have forged relationships with in our community. Sometimes it is the only time we see one another face to face. It’s a joy being involved with some of them and to work closely with them throughout the year… but when we get to be truly together, magic happens.

2016 AssistU VA of the Year nominationLas2016 AssistU Most Supportive Community Member nominationt week, I was humbled to learn that I was nominated once again for AssistU VA of the Year and Most Supportive Community Member. In 2013 and 2014, I was not only blessed by nominations from my peers, but I also was awarded the VA of the Year honor. And, in 2015, I was honored with the designation as the Most Supportive Community Member. These were major experiences for me, and I do not take the honor or accolades lightly. What can be more flattering than to be recognized by peers and colleagues?

I’m so grateful to anyone who thinks I’m once again worthy of the awards, and the clients and friends who help make it possible to do what I do every day! It truly is a gift to be on the ballot again for 2016, especially with VA s that I hold in such high esteem myself.

AssistU VAs are professionals who have completed a rigorous 20-week training program and uphold a stringent Code of Ethics, providing business support services in a global, virtual environment. We are different from other Virtual Assistants because we focus on long-term partnerships with our clients. We stand for our clients through our own strict business standards, doing work only with clients who “fit” those standards, doing work we love, remaining vested in our clients’ successes, and constantly seeking and sharing new technologies and skills to better serve our clients and our AssistU community.

Once again I am humbled, privileged, and so appreciative to be a nominee. This is a huge honor for me and one that I hope to continue to be worthy of day in and day out in my quest to truly support my clients and their businesses.

Thank you, AssistU community, for my nominations for awards within our community. I am blessed to be a VA with the very, very best.

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