Dominant: dom·i·nant [ dómmənənt ] 1. in control: in control or command over others Synonyms: domineering, bossy, overbearing, officious, authoritarian, assertive, forceful If "dominant" is a word that might be used to describe you, how do you manage this trait within a partnership … [Read more...]

Beans for Christmas

I got a box of beans as a gift for Christmas, and they aren't your ordinary beans. I got the Desert Island Sampler from Rancho Gordo !  I made a Christmas Lima Bean and celery dish for dinner tonight and it was good enough to post immediately. I modified a soup recipe from 101 Cookbooks because … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Last year I decided not to mail out cards and I started this blog instead.  I managed to get it out for Christmas.  This year, no cards and no Christmas blog. Will you accept New Years? Thank you to everyone who sent cards this year.  We have enjoyed reading them and promise to get back into gear … [Read more...]