Reasons to Continue Your Education | Continued Education Planning

Continuing Education

Continuing education is a powerful tool for any of us, but especially for virtual assistants. Through it, we reveal our personal strength, determination, and perseverance. It provides us with valuable tools and skills that benefit and enrich our lives. In the words of Winston Churchill, … [Read more...]

Ways that Therapy Dogs Improve the Health of Patients Through Service

Service - Therapy Dog

Finlay, my dog, is a certified therapy dog. Visiting others for emotional support helps us bring a little love into the lives of others and balance into my life. One of the things Finlay and I do together is visit US Military Veterans in Hospice at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. We visited on Veteran’s … [Read more...]

10 Life Lessons I Strive to Follow 

10 Life Lessons

Life has a tendency of getting a bit bumpy, doesn’t it? At times, I’ve found myself wishing that I had learned certain life lessons a little sooner. So much good can come from examining life lessons learned. It’s never too late to take a page from your own book, recognize the good and the bad and … [Read more...]

My Initial Journey with Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Book Review

Personal Development

Today, I would like to share a little emotional intelligence insight with you. Emotional intelligence is a wonderful soft-skill for all Virtual Assistants to employ! I would love to say I am an emotional intelligence guru, which I am not (yet) but after implementing things in this area of my life, … [Read more...]

Why Acknowledging Personal Development is Crucial to Success

Personal Development

When it comes to personal development, it’s so easy to focus on lack. I think, instead, we should focus on achievement! So often our thoughts go to - On what do I need to work? How can I improve? Why didn’t that work? What could I have done differently? How do I need to … [Read more...]

Ways Virtual Assistant Support Establishes Balance


What or who do you think of when you hear the word, “support”? Support can be many things: emotional, financial, physical, mental, business, personal, etc. However, 'finance' is often what comes to mind when people hear "support." Emotional support might be second to come to mind, depending on your … [Read more...]

Effective Project Planning | Tips on How to Manage Multiple Projects at Once

managing multiple projects

Like most people, I rarely – if ever – have the luxury of focusing on one project at a time. Each day involves constant juggling. While focusing on one thing would be easier than trying to manage multiple projects at once, the reality for most people is that these projects must be worked on and … [Read more...]