New Oceans – Learning and Growing

New Oceans

This week I learned something interesting about creating change and it was all about our "stance". It was related in a way that had an impact. Life happens on a schedule... th en something changes, and our stance changes. When we had a cat, life was easy. We could come and go and do things with a … [Read more...]

Discover Why


Sometimes that inner tug is the beginning of a new adventure. We never know unless we discover why we sense the pull, or push. It had been a while since I have felt a tug deeply... and then, when my cousin got engaged, I knew - no matter what - that I would be at her wedding. The tug to attend was … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning Day with a Client

Strategic Planning

Planning and strategizing with clients is something I not only excel at, I thoroughly enjoy it as well! Last Friday I was in Chicago for an intensive strategic planning day with a client. I will be sharing more about this particular client in the coming months as she has a new book coming … [Read more...]