Persevere, Pray, and Move ForwardOn January 11, I shared with you that I was submitting my application for the CMVA designation at AssistU. And, the process was, as I said in that blog, an immense deal.

AssistU awards this certification to those graduates who have already shown proficiency in over 50 core competencies by earning their CPVA certification, and who can also prove through the application process that they’ve grown professionally to a Master’s level.

The submission process in March dramatically tested me. In addition to documenting different aspects of my practice, client work, client effectiveness, and business equipment, I answered and defended four case studies. As I did so, I became more aware of how my practice has grown. Throughout the journey, I have encountered non-ideal clients and sub-optimal client situations. Through each interaction, I have honed my relationship skills. These skills serve those I touch.

I also realized that my social capital within the AssistU community speaks to how I engage and interact with others. My desire to keep learning, my embrace of technology and dual operating systems, as well as my commitment to up-to-date software, set me apart from many other Virtual Assistants, and of this I am proud.

Throughout my case study responses, I demonstrated my integrity and maturity in how I would handle the situations. But, as I did so I realized that it was possible to miss some nuance or overlook some potential outcome. I completed the case studies within the application in a vacuum, without consulting anyone. However, I don’t work in my business in a vacuum. I have a support system in my practice. With any of these situations, I would have others to discuss things with, and most importantly, I invest in an outstanding coach. With this support team, I have alternatives for perspective, sounding boards for my ideas, and people to ask the tough questions to help me when I encounter challenges in my practice. While I have always known how important this support system is to me, it wasn’t until I was responding without it that I fully comprehended the support team’s real value.

After clicking submit on the application, with everything complete, I felt grounded in the fact that I have been working hard on myself and my business. My practice, clients, standards, continuing education, and satisfaction with my work are top priorities for me. I sat back with a sigh knowing that I am ready to be a CMVA. My strong business foundation, effectiveness with clients, agile technology systems, and exceptional hard and soft skills will demonstrate my worthiness of the AssistU Certified Master Virtual Assistant designation.


I was able to persevere through the certification process by project planning it like the professional I am, then visualizing and mentally preparing, and praying.

And, it paid off. On Thursday, March 31, I was notified that I had earned my CMVA designation. It’s time to replace my business cards!

How do you persevere in moving forward?

“The CMVA designation is the second level of certification offered by AssistU. It is a Master’s level certification, and the absolute highest certification provided in the Virtual Assistance industry. It’s available only to AssistU CPVAs.”

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