I have found people and things that work powerfully well for me and my business and when they work well I want to share them. Great resources deserve great cheerleaders. When they are truly great, I want them to stick around and continue to grow and prosper (and support me and my business).

I am an affiliate for some of these resources. And, as an affiliate, I earn money when you use my link and sign up for products or services.  While my primary goal is to help you find tools and people that work well for you… if I am able to earn something from the referral, then as a responsible steward of my business, I will do so.  Some of the links below are affiliate links.  You may use them or search for the companies on your own.  When you do use them, however, I really appreciate the little reward for the referral.


My blog and website are built in WordPress (self-hosted). I used Tami Savage, Tami Savage Enterprises to create my site design in Genesis, a premium WordPress theme.

In terms of the design, the body text font is Arial. The titles and subhead fonts are Lato.


For web and email hosting, I recommend Bluehost because of their wonderful customer service and technical support.  They also offer reliable hosting and inexpensive account packages.

For project management, I love Asana and ConceptDraw (save 10% when you use my ConceptDraw link).

I use cloud software and services like Dropbox, Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Carbonite, and Evernote.

My team matters to me and I highly recommend them all: