Working in Paradise – Island Style

Working in Paradise

Earlier this month I managed a five-day client event in St. Lucia. I know. Right? The sun was warm (okay, hot), the salt air was (as always) amazing, and I found time to pray and get quiet with God, even though I was extremely busy at work during each of the days and many of the … [Read more...]

Finding Balance as a Female Solopreneur

Finding Balance as a Female Solopreneur

I am working hard on balance. A challenge to say the least. I am actually using 2 coaching processes right now, diligently, to build it into my day-to-day life. I seem to let myself be the first thing to slide. It appears that despite the increased number of female entrepreneurs, especially in … [Read more...]

My Calendaring Process


So… I have this process with my calendar. Well, If I am honest, I have many processes with my calendarS (yes, plural), but I have this main one that I will talk about now. Before I do, I want to say a few things about calendaring. I learned part of my current way of calendaring from Anastacia … [Read more...]

Song For Someone – U2

Songs of Innocence - U2

Driving from Norfolk back to Michigan, a U2 song I had not heard before came on the radio. I was madly in love with it the moment I heard it. I immediately purchased the album, Songs of Innocence. The song was "Song for Someone". I was a raving U2 fan in high school and college. While I still … [Read more...]

Surprise! Your Technology is Gone! How do you recover?

Surprise! Your Technology is Gone! How do you recover?

The first week of January I upgraded to Windows 10. I originally intended to blog about that upgrade today, but the universe had other plans. I was forced into recovery mode. After the painstaking install of Windows 10, my trusty Dell computer stopped working. I don't use it everyday, so I simply … [Read more...]