Happy Birthday to me!


Well, this week I turn 45. Happy Birthday! The number seems to bother me less and less as I age. 40 was hard. Not sure why. Forty-five is less difficult. I think my forties agree with me. Older, wiser, and more "seasoned" friends told me that they would, and they were right. It's refreshing to feel … [Read more...]

Thank You For An Amazing Faith-Filled Annual Planning Virtual Event!

Friday began with a wonderful first call… twenty of us gathered in faith to carve out time to plan our year simultaneously. While we each had a different agenda and focus for our planning day, we joined one another to set our intensions for two 3 hour segments of time… then went off and worked our … [Read more...]

Our Faith-Filled Annual Planning Virtual Event

Well, the virtual planning event for my Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience is almost here. This Friday, twenty amazing participants will gather to work on their annual planning for 2015. We will come together, virtually, three times during the day and then separate to do the work we have slated … [Read more...]

Perspectacles for a New Point of View

"Sometimes it seems that our entire economy is based on distracting women from their blessings." - Glennon Doyle Melton In August of this year, Glennon Doyle Melton blogged called Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt. You can read it on her August 11 post at Momastery.com. I won't dive too much into … [Read more...]

My Prep Day: My Annual Planning Process

Preparing in advance for the actual planning day really helps me get the most out of the Faith-Filled Annual Planning Virtual Event I have scheduled for December 5th. The elements I work through in pre-planning are more life and past-oriented than future plans. Getting them out of the way helps … [Read more...]