Ways that Therapy Dogs Improve the Health of Patients Through Service

Service - Therapy Dog

Finlay, my dog, is a certified therapy dog. Visiting others for emotional support helps us bring a little love into the lives of others and balance into my life. One of the things Finlay and I do together is visit US Military Veterans in Hospice at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. We visited on Veteran’s … [Read more...]

What if You Woke Up Today With Only the Things You Thanked God for Yesterday?

What if You Woke Up Today With Only the Things You Thanked God for Yesterday?

Humbling thought. It appeared in my newsfeed on Facebook a couple of months ago and sparked a reflection that launched me into gratitude on a whole new level. Were it true, that morning I would not have even had my dog. We are asked to have a child-like faith. While my faith is often child-like, in … [Read more...]

Standing Up as a Leader and Partner

My Interns, My Partners

Leading internships with AssistU Virtual Assistants is a pure joy for me. It's work, don’t get me wrong… I generally spend twice the time it would take me to do the work myself when I am teaching them things. But, really, that isn't the hard part. Learning to change hats is the hard part. See, … [Read more...]

Supporting SEALs

Frogman 2014

I am taking a break from my normal banter to share with you something that is on my heart. We hear about SEAL Team Six in the media... maybe you saw Zero Dark Thirty or Lone Survivor or you read the books. Maybe you even know a SEAL. If you know a SEAL or a SEAL family, you likely won't need … [Read more...]