Today I am in Princeton, New Jersey event managing a live (and virtual via live stream) three-day retreat for an amazing client. Not only am I the event manager, I am part of a support team for this client, so there is a wonderful group of people coming together to produce the event. Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

The team hails from the Midwest and East Coast. I flew in last Thursday so that I could have the con meeting on site on Friday and make sure all the ducks were in a row before the weekend. The rest of the team arrived yesterday to help prepare things for launch early this morning. I am even sharing a hotel room with a team-member who I respect and admire as a business owner! Last night, we shared a team dinner, and I have to say my heart is so unbelievably full.

Some VA’s refrain from working with teams, but I have to say it is my favorite way to support a client. All of my current clients have teams in place, even if it is only two, and we each focus on our areas of expertise, skill, and most importantly, what we truly love to do.

This team here has a synergy that is so heart-warming and empowering. I have so much respect for each team member and the work he or she brings to the table. I just know the next three days are going to be a powerful experience for each of us, as well as all those attending this phenomenal retreat.

If you are considering working with a team, here are some things I recommend mulling over:

  • Who is leading the team, the client, or another team member?
  • Is the team leader a good leader with excellent delegation skills?
  • Is there room within the team to work together and bring synergy to the client’s experience (as well as your own) or are players off doing their own thing?
  • What would your role be within the team?
  • Are team members each individually contracted with the client?
  • Are you better at taking direction or leading? How does this fit with the current dynamic?

I cannot work on teams where there is micromanaging or mixed messaging going on. There can be miscommunication within every team.  But, if a leader can establish clear lines of communication and delegation structured properly and effectively (so three people aren’t tasked with the same thing in error) I find I can shine and really do my best work. I am not struggling to keep up with things I don’t enjoy or am not highly skilled at and there is someone to turn to for help. At the same time, I can be that dependable, and nurturing shining star to others when they need it, and as a whole we all look better.

Fortunately, I am having some great team experiences right now. As you might sense from the list, I have had some less than desirable experiences in the past. Those experiences are valued, though, because they helped me really learn and solidify what kind of team I want to be a part of as I continue to grow my practice. This team experience has really helped me more clearly define the work I love to do and the role I love to have with my clients. I am grateful for it.

Do you enjoy working with a team?

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