AssistU is a choice I make each day. It is not only the training program that helped me build a solid foundation under my business, it truly is the community that keeps me thriving day-to-day.

In 2002, after a twelve-year stint co-owning a retail family business, I transitioned into the corporate world – madly in love with the thought of 9-5, Monday – Friday hours. I found a position that allowed me to take an entrepreneurial approach to my work. I was soon running my department and building a service back office to the sales organization.  My office skills and virtual world exploded. I learned how much more I had to offer when I combined those hard computer skills with my love of creating and nurturing meaningful experiences for people.My World

Wanting to do more of that, I launched my practice in January 2008. I worked part-time from home while working that corporate day-job. Graduating from the AssistU Virtual Training Program in 2011 and earning my CPVA (Certified Professional Virtual Assistant) in 2013, and my CMVA (Certified Master Virtual Assistant) in 2016, have each helped me create a business and VA practice I now love.

I am so very grateful for the experiences I have had as a graduate and community member of AssistU. It’s hard to describe the value of the relationships I have built with the community and the foundation the training placed beneath my business. I completed two wonderful internships after graduation: one with 2010 VA of the Year, Larissa Parks, and the other with AssistU founder and CVO, Anastacia Brice. Both experiences grounded me in my practice and helped me discover what I truly love to do and how I love to do it.

Since then, I made a decision to begin hosting my own post-graduate internships and mentoring new students through the AssistU Virtual Mentoring Program. This has been an unbelievable opportunity for my own growth and the growth of my business. Not only am I supporting my community and truly giving back, I am witnessing the ah-ha moments and seeing the light bulbs go off. I grow, too, each time I lead and I am grateful to have the opportunity to spread my wings while I help others do the same. My business mission is: Nurture Your Business, Share Your Gifts, and Live Your Purpose. Living this out in my own life, for my clients, and for other VA’s is really what lights me up inside.

Participating in our online community, keeping in touch with other AssistU VAs and getting to know our newcomers is all a part of being alive in our vibrant community. It is a choice I make gladly and gratefully. As I unpack this week from a week of working in St. Lucia, I am quivering with excitement to have a business that allows me to have the life I have and do the work I do.

How do you keep plugged into learning and thriving in your business?

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