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There are barely words that can adequately express how amazing Amy Kazor is. We love and adore her! Amy is beautiful, smart, laser-sharp, loving, warm, compassionate, hysterically funny, wildly capale, playful, dedicated, faithful and deeply “good” to the core! We are so blessed to have Amy as our Operations Director at RelationshipDevelopment.org. Amy creates systems and processes that enable our business to move fast and deliver with excellence! When I see the big picture and the vision, she can take that and make it a reality with project plans, assignments, action steps, and the project management to carry it all out to fruition! We have many VAs on our team, but Amy is our leader, she is the Operations Director! Amy is not the “implementer” level VA that can just “do the tasks assigned to her”. Amy is the Integrator Level Master VA who can see the big picture, create the systems, lead the team, and make the vision a reality! Amy is also masterful at leading our team as the Event Manager for our multi-six figure, live, in-person events, serving hundreds of clients from all around the world! We are blessed to be growing rapidly, every month, serving more clients, hosting events and doing launches! I wouldn’t be able to function without Amy. Not only is she wildly capable of everything, she loves us, she loves our clients, and she is passionate about our mission… and it shows!

Stacey Martino

Founder, RelationshipDevelopment.org

Amy has made me feel absolutely supported. She has helped me build a team of assistance, set up coaching programs, automate systems, format and edit program materials, streamline branding, and create accountability by setting up editorial and launch calendars to ensure that launches flow seamlessly with deadlines met with consistent communication with my audience. I am able to relax and trust that things are getting done without having to micromanage any processes – I know that things will be handled. I love that Amy genuinely enjoys what she does. Her unique skill set, dedication, honesty, and work ethic nurtures my business, provides a sounding board, and helps me share my gifts and purpose with the world. If you’re searching for a strategic and experienced VA/project manager who can provide a high level of personalized support to your business and be a true partner, Amy Kazor is your VA.

Nancy Levin

Author, Speaker & Coach

I’ve been working with Amy on repurposing and syndicating my vast amounts of content . I’ve loved working with Amy because I’ve found her to be open, willing, communicative, proactive, and she’s brought good ideas to the work that I would never have thought of. Although she didn’t know much about doing this work when we began, she’s grown by leaps and bounds, and I feel certain she could now support anyone with, not only this type of work, but anything she decides she wants to help with. I value that can-do attitude immensely, and am so happy with what Amy accomplished for me!

Anastacia Brice

Founder and CVO, AssistU

In 2013, I manifested a new team member to help me take my business to the next level. Amy, through a wonderful process with AssistU, appeared. Amy has helped me offer a higher level of engagement wth my audience and deeper level of customer service to my clients. Working with Amy as my assistant has been wonderful because I have experienced great communication, proactive and anticipatory input, openness, collaboration, and new ideas and approaches to my work. I feel confident that Amy could support anyone who genuinely cares about how she shows up in the world, engages her audience, and serves her customers and clients. I value the work we do together and am very happy with what I have accomplished with Amy on my team!

Leslie Zann

Leslie Zann Consulting

I have had the opportunity to work with Amy over the past 18 months and the experience has been truly amazing. Amy is one of the most organized and forward thinking people I have ever met. She is fun and easy to work with and she has the rare ability to manage many moving pieces at one time. Never once did something get fall through the cracks. Amy is simply the best!

Steve Kloyda

The Prospecting Expert

Amy has worked to organize my company in moving up in the search engines. She developed 3 new websites which will be implemented soon and I am very happy with the creativity and expertise she has shown. She is aware of avenues to improve my marketing that I have been unaware of, and has implemented new concepts which have helped dramatically in my marketing to the correct audience.

Carol Hood

A L'Amour, Ltd.

Amy Kazor is by far one of the best company decisions I made to date. It’s very comforting knowing that you have Amy to take care of some of the internet and computer work of being a small business owner. She doesn’t have a problem with doing very large projects or some of the smallest jobs. It’s very reassuring knowing she will take care of all the details!

Michele Papenheim

Professional Makeup Artist, Michele Papenheim

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy for over ten years closely on various business matters and her follow through and communication skills are top caliber. I would recommend working with Amy without hesitation.

Bill Mantas

Attorney, Gierum & Mantas

Amy helped us with Facebook and Pinterest and was very professional, we appreciated the work she did for us for the past two years. Amy would be in asset to any company that retains her services.

Kenny Berkowitz

Rina di Montella Fashions

I worked with Amy as she launched her very first Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience and as she hosted her first virtual planning day. She has been incredible to work with because she is so innovative and insightful. She is a strong communicator who is also passionate, generous, very organized, hardworking and extremely helpful. I am confident that Amy will successfully assist anyone with the same skill set, knowledge and determination for success. I greatly appreciate the opportunity she provided my business and the seasoned approach with which she treated everything we did together.

Cindy Henexson

WayMaker Virtual Assistant, LLC

Amy Kazor genuinely cares about her clients and their businesses. She sees the big picture, and creates a plan to get you there. Her personality is easy to get along with, and you feel comfortable opening up to her. Once you create that relationship with her, she is able to build your business up, help you become more successful, and spend more time doing what you love to do. She is thorough, dedicated, and loyal to her clients; and always wants what’s best for them in their business. I would recommend her to any one looking for a top-notch Virtual assistant.

Julie Davis

Julie J. Davis, Virtual Assistant

Amy is an innovative professional. She is detailed in caring for her clients and goes to any length to help them to succeed in their businesses. She has worked diligently to cultivate relationships with professionals in a variety of services that she uses for her own business and for her clients. Amy invests in her clients and their welfare and has created a Virtual Assistance business that is dependable and sought after.

Janet Zaborowski

Janet Z - VA Virtual Assistance

It’s not often you come across someone that is as lovely and easy to work with as Amy. She truly is one of my favorite people. She’s clear, concise and really just a joy to partner with. I love her style of working and would jump on any chance to do so again. If you’re a heart-centered and driven entrepreneur looking for someone to get you to where you want to be, Amy would be an ideal person to help you get there. Highly recommended.

Liz Azyan

Digital Matchbox